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Available Varieties: Hot Calabrese, Mild Calabrese, Hot Calabrese with Fennel, Mild Calabrese with Fennel. Also, Cacciatore with no black pepper, available both hot and mild.

Available both hot or mild.

Bite-size seasoned chicken thighs prepared with a melange of fresh herbs and natural spices, rolled and tied into little parcels with pieces of pancetta for extra flavour.

Free range, air chilled, grain fed chickens are deboned and rolled with various meat stuffings, using only fresh herbs and natural spices. Oven-ready and seasoned to perfection.

The deboned leg of lamb is stuffed with various meats and spices to enhance the delicate flavour of local Ontario-raised lambs. Select fresh herbs give this roast a refined touch - a feast for your eyes and your taste buds.

Available Varieties: Parma Plain (plain sausage), Plain with Fennel, Breakfast Sausage (95% lean), Garlic & White Wine, Chorizo (Spanish), Honey Garlic, Abbruzzese, Calabrese Mild, Calabrese Hot, Calabrese Mild with Fennel, Calabrese Hot with Fennel, Oktoberfest Sausage.