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Dry-cured meats are a staple in Italy. Traditional products come in a range of flavours like smokey, sweet, or spicey. Some meats have a delicate taste while others pack a serious punch. There is a type of dry-cured meat for all occasions and taste buds. If you’re not sure what to try, we’d be happy to suggest some for you.

Our dry-cured meats can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Eat them in their purest form with cheese and crackers, fresh calabrese bread, or give your homemade pizza a gourmet touch. Prepare an exquisite antipasto for your guests by simply adding cheeses, sott’olio and olives, which can also be found at Sapori Italiani. They can add flavour to pasta dishes, or be fried up for a crispy, salty dish. The options are endless.

All dry-cured products are available vacuum packed for wholesale in 4-5 kilo boxes. They are also available for retail Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in store. Here’s a list of our current products. Please call ahead to place orders for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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Italian cooking is renowned for its bright, fresh, yet delicate flavours that can only result from using the finest of ingredients – and you can rest assured, we only use the very best for our products. Luigi proudly brought these traditional recipes straight from Italy to your tables, so you can enjoy authentic Italian dishes with your loved ones.

All fresh products are available for wholesale in 5 or 10-kilo boxes. They are also available in-store for retail on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only. Please call ahead of Monday or Tuesday for large orders.

Here’s a list of our regular offerings of fresh products. If you are looking for advice on how best to serve the products, we’d be happy to give you some tips. We promise you’ll love our traditional, locally sourced fresh foods.

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Tired of preparing food? We understand. Our prepared seasoned products make it easy to serve up a delicious dinner in no time. You’ll end up with a perfectly seasoned, Italian gourmet meal with minimal fuss.

We offer a few different seasoned products including, pork roast, stuffed pork brisket, and our chicken bocconcini. The prepared meats are locally sourced and seasoned with the finest spices and fresh herbs that will taste like a trip to Italy.

For large orders, please call ahead. If there is something specific you want, please call and ask.


Founder and proprietor Luigi Manica, his wife Maria, and their children emigrated from the city of Crotone (Calabria), Italy in November 1994. Luigi, with a passion for cured meats since childhood, quickly recognized the need for authentic Italian specialties. Curing meats was a family tradition back home in Italy, and he wanted to share this delicious tradition in his new community. In June 1998 he opened the doors to his new venture, Sapori Italiani.